How to Manifest in 9 Powerful Steps

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We all have the ability to create our own reality and attract the things we want into our lives.

The idea of manifestation is nothing new, but it’s something that many people either haven’t heard of, don’t understand, or just struggle to put into place.

Manifestation is the process of using your thoughts and energy to create your reality, but how does one go about doing this? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to manifest in 9 powerful steps.

Step 1: Examine your Thoughts and Feelings

Getting a handle on your current mindset, emotions, outlook, and values is an essential start to the manifestation process.

Are you feeling favorable toward the future? Do you often feel angry or upset? Do you value other people?

Understanding your current beliefs can help you identify those that could limit your success and keep you from manifesting what you most desire.

Clear your mind of negative energy. Increase the positive energy in your home. Work toward reconciling negative self-talk and learn to treat yourself with more kindness and fairness.

Step 2: Get Clear About What You Want

Without a clear outcome, manifestation will feel like a lot of wasted effort.

You need to know precisely what it is you want, including what that outcome will do to benefit your life once it is achieved.

List the attributes of each of the things you are trying to manifest, being sure to focus on what is positive and desired about each.

The more specific you are about what you want, the more likely you are to manifest something that matches that goal.

So, instead of saying, “I want a new job,” you might say, “I want a position that is 15% higher in salary than my current job, has similar or better benefits and allows me to learn new skills while working with people who challenge me.”

Another vital component about achieving this clarity is it gives yourself permission to change your mind in the future.

Yes, you may want that new job today, but if things change where you currently are, then your goals or needs may alter, as well.

That does not mean you failed to manifest it. It just means your needs changed.

Step 3: Ask for What You Want

Now that you are clear about what is essential and what you want in life, it is time to start asking for it.

There are many ways to ask the universe to help you realize your dreams.

Some of the best strategies for manifestation include law of attraction scripting, creating a vision board, manifesting on paper, repeating positive affirmations, the 55×5 method, and manifesting with rose quartz and other crystals.

These are all activities that vocalize or make concrete your intentions and needs, and they do so in a way that reminds you (and possibly others) what is most important to you.

It is never enough to ask for what you want just once. You need to keep asking again and again.

You may need to ask in new and diverse ways.

The more often you ask, the more energy you are devoting, and the sooner your manifestation will occur.

Step 4: Develop an Action Plan and Start Working

When you work on manifesting something, you are co-creating your reality. And the more effort and focus you give toward something, the more likely you are to receive what you want.

Create an action plan that breaks down what you need to do to realize your goals. Write down three things you can do today that will help you get closer to your goal.

Be inspired by others and look to them for guidance if you are unsure of what actions would help you realize your dreams.

The important thing is to commit to doing something daily. Create a Law of Attraction night routine and commit to sticking with it.

And the more you act, the more motivated you will be to manifest what you want in life.

Step 5: Rely on Your Outlook to Make the Process Work

During your process of growth and change, you will experience setbacks and can sometimes feel discouraged or frustrated about your progress. When this happens, that is when your attitude, beliefs, and choices matter the most.

Trusting in the manifestation process, believing that everything you are doing is for the best, will ensure that you are on the right path, even when you experience setbacks.

When you start to feel doubt, remind yourself that what you send out comes back to you.

Step 6: Acknowledge and Celebrate What You Receive

Life, others, and the universe are always offering you help and guidance.

There are many opportunities that come your way every day, but you must be willing to see them, acknowledge them, take advantage of them, and celebrate them with positivity.

The signs and possibilities that you get from the universe are a gift, placed there because you are ready to receive them.

So, you must ensure that you are open and willing to accept them. And remember to show gratitude for all the blessings that you receive.

Gifts come in many different forms, and it is all in how you view them whether you believe this is manifestation at work.

Step 7: Check In With Yourself

To manifest something takes time, energy, and focus.

Checking in with yourself regularly, noticing limiting beliefs, changing your daily actions, and evaluating your progress can help you achieve your goals.

Are you sending out the kind of energy you want to attract?

Are your beliefs supporting your work or getting in your way?

Are you paying attention to each of your choices?

Are you giving of yourself in positive ways to others?

Are you mindful every day of the three pillars of manifestation?

Step 8: Remain Positive

Keeping your energy positive and enthusiastic is the best way to promote manifestation in your life.

If you want to attract good things, you must feel and project good things. Focus on what you want by asking for what you need.

Spend time each day doing something that makes you feel motivated and positive.

Focus on things that help you ask for what you want and do the work that is necessary to accomplish your goals.

Stay thankful and positive.

Feel the joy of your dreams and desires.

Push negative thoughts aside and focus on controlling your outlook and mindset.

Step 9: Get Rid of Your Limiting Thoughts, Beliefs, and Actions

Clear the universe of your unhelpful thoughts and beliefs.

Let go of negative and sabotaging behaviors.

Stop resisting and learn to accept what you can control.

When you feel frustrated, anxious, or disappointed, this is a way of resisting.

When you find yourself procrastinating or making excuses, you are resisting.

When these things happen, acknowledge what is happening and ask “why.”

What am I frustrated about?

Why am I resisting this process?

Answering and confronting these reasons is a significant step to continuing on the positive path to getting what you want.

Now we have a clear path. We know what the process looks like.

What are some specific strategies or exercises I can use when manifesting my dreams?

How can I make this dream a reality?

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How to manifest in 9 powerful steps

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