How to Increase the Positive Energy In Your Home

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What feeling do you get when you first step into your home? Do you feel stressed or overwhelmed but don’t know why? If so, you might need to increase the positive energy in your home.

Your home is your personal space, the place you go to relax after a stressful day. Stress, worries, and anxiety should be left at the door.

And when it comes to manifestation, surrounding yourself with positive energy will go a long way towards helping you get into alignment.

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How to Increase Positive Energy in Your Home in 8 Steps

Increasing the positive energy back into your home doesn’t require much effort. In fact, most of the time all you need is a few small tweaks or changes to your everyday routine. Here are some easy ways to increase the positive energy in your home:

1. Make Your Bed

It’s such a simple task that you might wonder how making your bed could make a difference. But when you make your bed first thing in the morning, you gain an instant sense of accomplishment which goes hand in hand with positivity.

There’s even a whole book dedicated to the importance of making your bed first thing in the morning! ‘Make Your Bed: Little Things Can Change Your Life…and Maybe the World’, by former Naval Admiral William H. McRaven.

2. Declutter Your Space

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have heard a thing or two about Marie Kondo and her decluttering techniques.

Too much clutter in your life, and especially your home, brings a significant amount of negative energy to both you and your living space.

Living with clutter is stress-inducing and may even lead to anxiety. Although, you might not know clutter is the root of your feelings until you declutter. When living in a state of clutter, we tend to get used to it – be it a messy closet or a kitchen that just doesn’t seem to stay organized.

Furthermore, the more clutter you have in your home, the longer it takes to clean and tidy your personal space. When this happens, cleaning becomes a dreaded chore that seems to take days.

Letting go of unnecessary items is freeing, however, not everyone can let go easily. Here’s where we can learn something from Marie Kondo: when getting rid of the clutter in your house, ask yourself if each item “sparks joy.” If not, send it to the bin or donation pile.

As you let go of clothes you’re not using – the three extra spatulas in the kitchen, and the toys your kids don’t play with – you notice a sense of freedom. It’s almost as if the clutter was suffocating you and getting rid of it allows you to breathe.

After purging your home of unnecessary things, it’s easier to clean and tidy and you won’t feel as stressed.

3. Add Plants

Adding some greens into your house is an instant energy booster. Indoor plants improve energy flow in your home, the colors prompt positive and calming vibes as well as promote focus.

house plants

Not only that but a NASA study showed that indoor plants work to purify the air. (1) In fact, some plants are even effective when it comes to removing toxins, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as benzene and formaldehyde.

According to NASA, the most effective plants are:

  • Spider plant
  • Peace lily
  • Bamboo palm
  • Elephant-ear philodendron
  • Aloe vera

4. Improve Natural Lighting

Natural light is essential to our well-being. Some people even suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). This condition is when you’re feeling extra blue or depressed during winter when natural sunlight is significantly less.

However, living with your windows shut and curtains closed also negatively affects the positive energy in your home. Natural light stimulates our bodies’ production of essential vitamin D, which is proven to elevate the mood and boost happiness.

Open up your windows to get light and fresh air into your home at least once or twice a day. If possible, keep curtains and shades open to allow more natural sunlight to enter.

Consider cleaning your windows more often to remove any dust that might be blocking the light. This can also open up your space and improve your positive energy.

If you live in an apartment with limited access to natural sunlight, you might want to try a Himalayan salt lamp. These produce a soothing glow and are used to improve mood and overcome sleep issues.

Another highly recommended product is the Philips SmartSleep Wake Up Light Therapy alarm which features a colored sunlight simulation and is clinically proven to help you wake up feeling more refreshed.

5. Healing Crystals

The power and beauty of crystals can help to transform the energy and mood of your living space.

To get the most out of crystals, it’s important to recognize which crystals work for you. The color of the stone is an important factor as this is how you identify the crystal’s energetic vibration.

When searching for the right crystals, it’s a good idea to first note what you’re missing, that is, what you need the crystals to help with. In this case, we’re looking to improve the positive energy in our home. Here are a few crystals that can assist:

  • Clear Quartz: Balance, this crystal is the “master healer” of all crystals. It increases energy by absorbing, storing, and releasing it.
  • Tiger’s Eye: Harmonizing, the Tiger’s eye will help remove self-doubt, anxiety, and fear from your mind and body. It’s said to guide you towards balance and harmony.
  • Citrine: Optimism, this yellow gem will bring joy, enthusiasm, and wonder to your life. It helps to remove negative traits such as fear and turn it into motivation and clarity.

6. Essential Oils

Essential oils are great mood-enhancers and each has unique qualities you can benefit from.

For example, if you want to refresh your home and your mind, try grapefruit, lemon, or orange. These citrus oils provide a subtle, zingy scent that instantly boosts your energy and creativity.

If you want to destress, what’s better than lavender? Lavender has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore, research suggests that lavender may lead to reduced anxiety, depression, insomnia, and restlessness by inhaling the scent. (2)

There are various ways to incorporate essential oils into your house every day. Essential oil diffusers, which have become popular in recent years, come in various types but do the same job. They diffuse oil with water, which is then converted to a fine mist that is expelled into the air.

If you don’t have a diffuser, add a few drops of essential oil to a cotton ball and keep it on a table or nightstand. Or you can make your own mister by mixing a few drops of your favorite oil with water in a spray bottle.

7. Use the Power of Color Psychology

Ever stepped into a dark room with dark furniture and instantly felt gloomy? Colors can have significant effects on our mood and energy levels. 

It’s essential that you pair the right colors with the right room. Additionally, it’s good to choose accent colors wisely and exercise restraint with overwhelming colors.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Bright colors: Hues of green, blue, orange, and yellow are friendly and happy colors. They’re excellent choices for dining and kitchen areas where they may boost communication.
  • Cold colors: Icy shades of blue, green, and gray creates calmness and joy in a space. They can also help open up a space and bring in more light. These are ideal for bedrooms as they can help you feel relaxed before bed but refreshed in the morning.
  • Dark colors: Shades of purple, red, blue, and dark green can feel gloomy and restrictive if used incorrectly. However, when used as accent colors in the living room (think pillows and rugs) they create a feeling of security and comfort.

8. Add High-Quality Lighting

Your home might feel bright and happy during the daytime, but it’s time to make some changes if it turns into Dracula’s lair when the sun goes down.

Adding some soft lighting here and there in dark corners opens up a room and makes it feel comfier and welcoming.

Decorate your home with a few candles for additional comfort and light during the evening. I recommend soy candles over regular paraffin candles, these are natural and won’t contaminate your air. In contrast, paraffin is a petroleum byproduct that can aggravate asthma and other respiratory conditions.

My favorite soy candles are these ones. They come in three incredible fragrances – Persimmon & Copal, Goji Berry & Tarocco Orange, and French Cade & Lavender – are made with eco-friendly materials and come in gorgeous, vintage-style packaging.

Final Thoughts

Increasing positive energy in your home is easy with a few tweaks here and there, but it all starts with yourself. Give yourself time to make the changes and do what you feel is right. Ask yourself: “what is bringing me down?” Maybe it’s clutter or maybe it’s a gloomy wallpaper. Once you’ve determined what’s dragging the positive energy down in your home, commit to taking a day or two to make the necessary changes.

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